Project Runway Challenge

Ah... a new start to Project Runway. Are you watching?

There are three tents, all white. They look like cheap white plastic from the outside... but are filled with thousands of dollars worth of yummy fine textiles on the inside. The designers had 10 minutes to choose fabric and then 13 hours to make an outfit that expresses their point of view.

Wow -- one of the designers (Elisa) is grass staining one of her fabrics. Not sure what that will lead to... I'm typing this in real time ;) 10:35p update -- she's nuts -- Stacy and Clinton would call her "hippy-dippy-trippy" for sure!

OK, here's the challenge, should you choose to accept it:
  • Dive into your stash for not more than 15 minutes.
  • Choose fabrics, trims, papers, whatever strikes your fancy.
  • Whatever you pull out during this 15 minutes is all you have to work with -- no return trips to the bottom of the scrap basket!
  • You'll have to be on the honor system, unless you have an inside track to Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn!
Create something that expresses your point of view -- you might think of it as a journal, a postcard, a bigger art expression, or whatever works for you. The goal is to show yourself -- your personality -- through what you create.

Meet me back here anytime before next Wednesday at 10 p.m. to show your stuff -- comments with links to your work are great; you can also email me at amyquilts (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll upload your pics/descriptions. (Replace with symbols as needed) Let's keep this "loosey-goosey" -- your piece doesn't have to be finished, you don't have to play every week and no one goes out of style at the end of the week!

Here's what I'm thinking about... My quilting "personality" is very fractured -- I love traditional quilts, difficult blocks like feathered stars, classic color combos like red and white, but I also love bright colors, artsy quilts, and trying new things. My life right now is also very fractured -- I'm completely stressed at work, exhausted at home and feeling rather uncreative. I'm not sure how this will play out in my piece, but there's a point of view buried in there somewhere...

What are YOU thinking about? How can you (or do you) express your point of view through your quiltmaking (or crafting or art or whatever)? Or do you do that with every piece you make? Take a leap with me, especially if this is a little outside your usual box.

Wow -- the editing pace of these outfits on the runway is insane -- I can't hardly take in the work beyond initial impact. I hope that doesn't continue.


ideagirl said...

Awwww shite I missed it! I edited pics until 3 am...so I guess it was worth it. NOT!

Love "loosey goosey" --isn't that the funniest expression?

Nice challenge. I'll ponder it.

xo T

Boudicca said...

Oh,I am SOOO in! I think that's a great challenge for me this weekend. It's time for me to thin the (overflowing) stash anyway ;)