Back from the Mitten State

I'm back from vacation... had a nice week with my family (and a great lunch with Sophie), and now it's back to the grind :-( I was hoping to be in Michigan today, too, but George the cat had to be rescued from the kennel today. He's happy to be home, and I'm frankly pretty darned OK with it too! I've got some chores and errands tomorrow, but I'm planning to dedicate a nice chunk of time to our QuiltPink efforts. My sister helped me sort the bevy of blocks made by the gals at quilting.about.com, and it's looking right now like 4 quilts... maybe 3, just depending on how things work as I start assembly.

Hope you all had nice Christmases. Not to put the focus on the gifts I received, but I am rather excited to be writing this post completely WIRELESSLY. Before my sister and her husband gave me a wireless router for Christmas, I could only be online from the desk in the dining room or the chair in the living room... I couldn't even reach the couch with a 9' cable. Now I can talk to you from anywhere -- aren't you the lucky ducks?! Definitely a good gift from my list :-)

Now, I'm debating between reading a book and reading some of the 274 posts in my feed reader... Since the book is The New Year's Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini, I think it might win out.

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sophie said...

I was just making a cup of tea and wondering when you decided to head home. Have a cozy day with George and the book (or laptop, though I'm thinking George is going to get in the way of much of that) and Happy New Year.