Project Runway Week #7 Challenge

Here we meet again... are you ready to create memories?

Before the challenge, can I just say: I take exception to the statement that prom is one of the most important days in a woman's life. Yes, I went to prom, yes I was excited, yes I had a good time. But it wasn't like life revolved around it. Ever. I subscribe to the concept that TODAY is the most important day in my life, no matter what the day brings. Some days suck, but that doesn't devalue them, you know?

OK, off my soapbox now -- Let's interpret the prom :) Use fancy material(s) -- if you usually work with "plain" cotton, try some silk or lame or velvet or lace.

So, if I tell you about MY prom dresses, will you tell me about (or show me!) yours?! I'll look for pictures...

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katelnorth said...

Don't think I have a photo of my prom dress anywhere. I did go, but just went with friends. It was fun, but frankly, most important day? Not even close. Not even the most important day of high school, for pity's sake!