Quilt Pink Progress

I *am* making some progress, finally, on these quilts for Quilt Pink. Forum members from quilting.about.com made 12" pink and white Ohio Star blocks back in September, for the monthly block lotto and for Quilt Pink. I really should count how many arrived for donations, along with some extra fabric scraps and one generous length of bubblegum pink backing.

My sister helped me sort the blocks into sets that play nicely together... I can't remember if we ended up with four or five sets. That requires several ideas -- so far I have two! This is one.

On the left is the set of 13 blocks we chose, arranged on point in the arrangement I want. There are two pair of matching blocks in this group, so I put them on opposite corners.

On the right is the beginning of the sashing, which will really make this setting special. (It's not all sewn yet -- just started!) I'm using quarter square triangles and cornerstones to make mini Ohio Stars in between. I'm also going to trim this field before adding the border(s) -- it's a little too floaty for me with all the white background, so I'll trim about an inch past the outside points, I think. It will float, but on a lake instead of an ocean!

Quilt Pink #1 - just the blocksQuilt Pink Quilt #1 - progress

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