Don't Drink It!

Trust me... it's NOT good. We opened the bottle of sparkling shiraz tonight, to drink with our dinner of delicious Orville Redenbacher popped properly on the stovetop.

Mom poured while I supervised the stove. There was a rather pink froth in the glasses, which wasn't terribly appealing. We each took a drink, and said "Hmm, that's not very good." It occurred to us that we didn't chill the bottle at all -- the recommendation was that it should be just cooler than room temperature, basically. Being the high-end wine connoisseurs that we are, we opened the freezer and grabbed a couple of ice cubes (one for each glass)! It was slightly less bad on ice, but the general assessment was a strong thumbs down. It was extremely dry and vinegary. All but four swallows (two each) went down the drain.


Dorothy said...

I'd like to like shiraz, but I really don't. The thought of bubbles doesn't increase its appeal at all. How was the popcorn? I love stove popped corn - but the microwave is so much faster. Instant gratification. (Pop Secret Homestyle)

blackbearcabin said...

pink froth....yuck!
stick with beer :)