It's a regular Hillbilly Hoedown here!

I should go take a picture of all the trash we put out for garbage day this morning. Thank goodness I live in the city and they just pick it all up, no questions asked! We had it all on the porch yesterday before lunch (too windy to take it out to the curb), and when we drove away for lunch, it looked like a serious hoarder lived here. I know that's not really something to laugh at, but I'm sure everyone who drove by (it's a pretty busy street) thought the homeowner must have died and someone was cleaning out the entire house onto the porch!

My recommendation? At least once a year, go through that box of odds and ends you cleared off the table every day. Clean out your corners and attic regularly. Otherwise, you'll look like this :)

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sophie said...

Sounds like you're making big progress. Brava!