Quilting in a smaller space...

I thought you might be able to help me. Right now, I have an entire large bedroom for my sewing room, and I've let my storage solutions expand to fit the space. I'm moving into a smaller apartment, with no separate space for sewing. The one bedroom is relatively small, so it will be dedicated to sleeping, although the ironing board will probably end up in there.

I'm looking for creative solutions for small(er)-spaces. For example, I'd really like to keep my pegboard, on which I hang rulers, rotary cutters, templates and a few other odds and ends. I thought I might hang it in the front hall closet (which is double wide and extra deep), but my mom suggested I might be able to put it on a wall in the dining area, and hang a quilt over it using a decorative curtain rod. (I've got a small double-bed CW quilt that would be perfect for this.) Then I wondered about doing that with a design wall... then my head exploded!

So, what thoughts or suggestions do YOU have for quilting in a smaller space? (And on the cheap, of course!) Here's the space, although my apartment is the mirror image of this diagram:


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katelnorth said...

I think the whole curtain rail thing could work - you could put the pegboard on the wall, and a curtain rail (which extends out from the wall a little) so you can hang a quilt - then you can either have a "design wall" made of flannel or something, which you can pull across the space. Or you could have a flip up (down) flannel sheet or something which would roll down over the pegbaord as necessary but still be hidden by the display quilt... Hmm, just thinking aloud - I'm sure you'll come up with something!