Week #10 Project Runway Challenge

First, go read about Sophie's progress on the Week #9 Challenge... She's planning a little something for her inner diva!

This is a fantastic challenge -- choose a work of art as inspiration for your piece. Although PJ limited the source material to three wings of the Met (how harsh, eh?!), I won't set any limits. Find a piece of art that inspires you and make something.

Interestingly, there's a quilt exhibition with this theme at the Memorial Art Gallery right now -- click the link, then "preview the sale" to see thumbnails of the inspired quilts. None of the images are terrifically large, but there are some interesting works there. I'm still hoping to see this exhibit in person!

Another thought -- do you remember the idea of "slice quilts"? Groups would choose an image, slice it into sections, and each member would interpret their section before sewing them all together. Here's an example, and this one of glads in a vase is stunning (and a current project). The glads could be one of my all time favorites -- I do love glads!

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