So, you know I'm trying to pack and organize for my move -- which is definitely a downsizing in terms of personal space! Of course I'm also a packrat, so that just makes this take longer.

One of my friends recommended just packing (no sorting or discarding), and then doing the sort/discard thing on the other end, when unpacking. I sort of get the logic -- the packing would go faster, and since there IS a deadline, that could be helpful.

My problem is that I'm moving from 1300 square feet with plenty of storage to 800 square feet with minimal storage. I'm pretty sure that if I just boxed up EVERYTHING and took it with me, there wouldn't be room to actually unpack anything in my new apartment!

To that end, I'm trying to sort as I go -- I have piles or boxes for pack, trash, donate/sell. Then I hit an ancient filing cabinet that has outlived it's usefulness. (I would have dumped it in the last move, but I needed it as a nightstand in the guest bedroom!) I emptied just one drawer of it today, and it took me TWO HOURS to shred everything in it -- most of which is 5-9 years old. Now I'm drowning in shreds!

Here's hoping George-the-cat doesn't decide to jump in the box and play with them... :-)

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sophie said...

If you have the time, dealing with it before you move is SO much better. If you don't . . . don't stress about it, just plan to rent a small storage space if you have too many boxes to unpack. Good luck with the move.