Update on George -- and a Winter Warning

George-the-cat is basically fine -- his hunger strike seems to be driven by anxiety. He's still not eating as much as normal, but he's eating some and he's definitely "himself."

That said, my aunt's cat Amos -- who is even bigger than George, and is indoor-outdoor -- ALSO quit eating. My aunt took him to the vet, where they did the same lab tests, but with a more conclusive (and unfortunate) result. Amos has pancreatitis, and he's not doing terribly well. Her vet has seen several cases of it in cats recently, and says it is caused by the cat licking shoes or lapping up snow melt from shoes or boots or shovels or whatever has come in contact with road salt and ice melt products.

I encourage you to be aware of this if you have cats yourself.

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sophie said...

I just noticed Johnny licking the snow from my boots yesterday . . . and didn't think about the salt. Thanks for the warning.

Ps. I'm glad George is hanging in.