Google Earth... good or creepy?

My Realtor called this morning, to ask me what I wanted to do about the car parked in my driveway with out-of-state plates. He offered to call the cops, but I declined -- I know when I first moved in, the house next door was vacant, and some neighbors would occasionally use that driveway for "overflow" parking (like "I'll park here this afternoon so my guests can park at my house"). We decided the Realtor would send one of his guys over to put a note on the car, asking for it to be moved.

Then I went and looked up my address on Google Earth -- this car was/is pulled all the way up to the side door. Now, my driveway is long by city standards -- almost the full depth of the lot -- and the house is a little forward of center front-to-back. That means this car was/is parked halfway up the drive, frankly, where I always parked.

So, I can't quite decide... was it better to SEE the car parked there for myself, or should I have just let the Realtor handle it? I'm a little freaked out by looking, and yet, I can see this becoming an obsession...

[Lisa, if you read this, DO NOT TELL mom and dad!]


Nellie's Needles said...

Call the police to check out this strange car.


Better SAFE than SORRY.

sophie said...

Amy, are you sure that the car you see on Google Earth isn't your car? Those images aren't live, so the car you see online and the car that was in your driveway whenever the aerial photos were taken is most likely not the car in your driveway now.

Ask the realtor to check it out and call the police in if necessary. Don't be creeped out.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I'm telling on you!!! No, really I won't. That is a little creepy. Is the car gone now? Thankfully, you don't live there anymore and the creepy mystery car owner can't get you :-)

Nellie's Needles said...

OK, it was late and I'm an old woman who at that moment thought you were in the house rather than your new digs somewhere else. Glad you were never in peril, but I do hope you trust your instinct if you're ever uneasy in any situation.