Odds and Ends...

1) My friend Cindy just started blogging... go forth and visit her... she has a real gift for writing that makes even the everyday seem special. A lovely remembrance of her grandmother, in her debut post, includes some nice Michigan history, for those that are interested.

2) If you prefer your Coca-Cola without high-fructose corn syrup, now is the time to stock up. Look for the yellow capped two-liters -- those bottles are kosher for Passover, and thus made with sugar (sucrose) instead of the ubiquitous substitute. I think it's "fizzier" than the everyday version -- a lot more foam in the glass -- and rather yummy.

3) If you work for the NJDOT, please know that there is NOT adequate signage for the Garden State Parkway going north on the Turnpike. Thanks to this oversight, I contributed way more than my fair share in tolls to the state coffers as I wandered around heaven-only-knows-where Saturday night in the dark. (Another note -- having two exits numbered 14, as well as 14A, 14B and 14C, is not really helpful.)

4) Two of my favorite fast food restaurants have locations in NJ -- Sonic Drive-In and Chick-fil-A. Neither is terribly close to me, but they're closer than they have been in many years, so I'm happy!

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katelnorth said...

Never heard of Sonic Drive In, but Chick-fil-A, mmm. As for the New Jersey turnpike, well, the less said the better, surely!