Odds and Ends

I've fallen behind, obviously, on sharing the details of my life since I've been consumed by ending a job, moving and starting a new job! Since I knew where both the camera AND the cord were tonight, I thought I'd upload some pics from the last 6 weeks or so, and combine them into a disjointed post!

Bear's Paw for Sophie

Here's my Bear's Paw block for Sophie, which was made in February for her "birthday" month in the long-term swap on quilting.about.com. 14" square, although it looks a bit wonky in the picture because I tossed it over the back of a chair for photography.

Small Noel Quilt

And isn't this the cutest little angel? I wanted to take a picture of my mom's, too, just because they're alike but different. She still needs a face, but the pattern for that is packed in a box that I haven't opened yet. Otherwise, completely done and ready for Christmas 2008.

Hillbilly Hoedown
Finally, here's the evidence of trash day, March 6, 2008. Taken from the front door at first light. We hauled all of this to the curb at about 5:3o in the morning... and yes, it took three different trucks to clear the curb. (Regular trash -- he emptied the totes. Bulk trash -- he and his clamshell crane took the rest of the stuff. And a "Special" recycling truck of some kind -- the first recycling truck radioed for backup as he drove by the shredded paper and empty cardboard boxes.) I wasn't kidding about looking like a bunch of rednecks! For the record, I called the city twice to confirm that this was what I should do -- there's no place to TAKE trash if you're a city resident, so you have to suffer the agony of your neighbors seeing this at the curb!

Now I think we're almost caught up. I still have to find and photo the blocks I made for Miss March (yup, didn't mail them before I moved, so heaven help us now!)...


blackbearcabin said...

love the little angel quilt...someone is going to be very lucky next christmas! :)
as for the garbage on the curb...ive seen a lot worse, so dont feel too badly :)
Happy Easter!

katelnorth said...

Yeah, but you were moving away right after that, so it's not like you have to face your neighbours again, right? :)

I think Sophie's blocks are going to make a great quilt - they are really effective, aren't they...