A sad day...

Can you stand this sad face? Meet my sister's dog Zoe. Here she is, upon learning that her parents are taking away her stuffed butterfly toy. Wouldn't that look melt your heart?

Here's what Zoe wrote to me tonight:
I wanted to properly thank you for my butterfly toy. I love it dearly. Mom and Dad said it's time for it to go away though. I'm very sad about that. Because of this I made mommy take pictures of me with it for you. You are the best aunt ever for making me such a lovable toy.


PS. A blog about me would be extra cool. So cool that I think my tail would wag right off!

This particular toy was the softy I made for her for Christmas (remember the little quilts I made for my parents' cats?). Zoe LOVES soft toys, and even though this one doesn't squeak, it quickly became a favorite.

How quickly? You can't see it in this pic, but in about 98 seconds, she had already torn it! Yup, Zoe loves her softies. I didn't consider the stress that would be put on the center when she held one wing down with her paw while pulling the other with mouth.

I knew this toy wasn't "built to last" in Zoe's world, but I had hoped she could enjoy it for a little while. It's stuffed with little torn up batting scraps (I didn't have any fiberfill, and didn't have time to go buy any.) Zoe has made a game of pulling out the batting scraps and leaving a trail of them around the house, until Lisa or Jason rounds them up and stuffs them back into the butterfly. Lather, rinse and repeat, until her mom and dad tire of the game and decide the butterfly must fly away.

On Sunday, Zoe's going to ask her Grandma if there's any hope for repair. If she gave YOU that sad look, wouldn't you want to try to fix her toy?!

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Vicki W said...

That's the saddest face ever! You must help her!