My favorite word in the English language has to be SOLD. My wonderful house in Upstate NY went on the market this weekend, and had a great open house on Sunday. (Seriously -- 17 buyers went through.) My Realtor and I were a little disappointed on Monday not to be looking at an offer.

Our prayers were answered this morning though, by a cash offer with no contingencies. (No contingencies -- that can be my favorite phrase!) You better believe I accepted that baby!

We'll close as soon as the title docs are ready, which will hopefully be about two weeks. Not putting the cart before the horse here, but I just might make a buck on this transaction... have to wait to talk to the lawyer to find out about the closing costs and fees.


Dorothy said...

Sold, cash offer, no contingencies - all very fine members of the Oxford Club. And make a buck? wow! In this market you're lucky you didn't lose any.

I can't get a good look, are those tiny little brown bats in the upstairs window giving you a thumbs up? They miss you already.

Anonymous said...

haha! Dorothy you are too funny. Congrats again on the quick sell my dear sister.

ideagirl said...

WOW! I am sooo happy for you!!