Good news and bad news

Good news first: I finished Kate's birthday blocks for the swap on quilting.about.com. Here's one of them; it's a 12" block with progressively smaller (or larger, depending on your POV, I guess) sawtooth star blocks. Since I made the flying geese wrong for the smallest star, I saved them and stitched them into a tiny made-up block that will finish at 2.25". That's just a bonus. The other block I made is a 6" LeMoyne star in purple and black. (None of these were my original first choice, which is a lovely, but apparently impossible for me to construct, block.)

6" LeMoyne star for Kate 2.25" block for Kate

So, why am I showing you graphic versions of those blocks instead of the real deal? This is the bad news: my camera is broken. The screen is gone (it's a painful mess of digital gibberish when it does come on, and I can see where it's cracked in several places)... I took the picture of the sawtooth star block just to see what would happen... although I couldn't see it in the camera, it did "take" and I could transfer it to the computer. When I tried again with the other blocks, the camera wouldn't capture anything. Color me cranky.

Oh well... at least this goal IS accomplished. That's the important thing!

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Colene said...

I love the birthday block, its really cool. Of course my favorite of the little blocks is the lemoyne star, and not just because its purple either.

katelnorth said...

Looks great - and the little ones, too - can't wait to see them in person.

blackbearcabin said...

i really like the star in a star...where did you get that pattern? very pretty!