GPS enabled

Even though I didn't want to (out of spite, not need), I spent some of my stimulus check last week. I've got a really good map of my area--in some ways, it's almost too good, because that makes it somewhat complicated--but after I got lost so many times trying to get home at night, I decided I really needed a GPS. I debated about upgrading my cell phone to an "all-in-one" model, but wanted text-to-speech capability. I chose a Garmin nuvi 260, and she arrived today. Apparently, her name is Jill (she came that way). Best of all, the FedEx guy brought her two days before the estimated arrival date!


Dorothy said...

Obviously your new toy already knows all the best shortcuts, and EXACTLY how to get home fast. What more could you possibly want?

Anonymous said...

At least her name is "normal" :-)

Cindy Hunter Morgan said...

I think you should have gone for the GPS implant, also named Jill. She'd work inside of you, like an alter ego. You could talk to her, and you'd never leave her behind in the back of a taxi or on a park bench. It would be a new sort of inner wisdom.