Squeezing Monkeys

Hee hee :) I looked around for a simple, fun pattern that would show off these fabrics. I wanted there to be minimal waste from cutting, and not have the pieces be too small, to show off all the yumminess. I didn't color in the above with all the different fabrics, but you can get the idea. This particular 9" Monkey Wrench pattern is by Janet Wickell at quilting.about.com. I'll need a little yardage for the setting triangles and a border of some kind... I just slapped a little something in there for the moment as a placeholder. I want to see which way the colors pull in the blocks before buying yardage, but I rather like this lime floral. There should be just barely enough of the solids for the small rectangular pieces; if I'm short, there are one or two other pieces that will work and maintain the idea. Otherwise, it's just a splash of this mixed with a jigger of that and I'll soon have a fun, bright quilt.

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Colene said...

I think the floral setting triangles are just the right touch.

loulee1 said...

Wow, that looks really good, shows off the freshness of the fabrics.