What's in a name?

I always knew my name was popular in the year I was born (I think there were at least five of us in my grade)... Turns out it was #5 that year, according to the Social Security Administration's baby name list. (Some neat searches on their site -- see how your name has grown or faded in popularity over time.) My sister has a pretty popular name too, although I didn't realize (until today) that it was #9 in her birth-year. I don't remember her having that many classmates with the same name, though. Were there, sister dear?

Even more fun: we know a few families who have daughters named Amy and Lisa.

(thanks to Vivian for the flashback.)


Anonymous said...

I can think of at least 2 other Lisa's in my class. I know a ton more now. And imagine that, I married Jason who is #3 for his birth year. Our parents were sooooo creative...Ms. Jasper. heehee

AmyB said...

Hah. Jasper's been in a steady decline from #139 since 1880.

Lorraine said...

Fun to check out.....My name was ranked 118 in the year I was born
(1953)...wonder where it ranked in Aus where I was born!! Love the red and white quilt in your last post ..... very nice!!