Batik Jewel Box (UFO Reveal #7)

Batik Jewel Box Quilt Top

Here's a mostly-done top, in the Jewel Box pattern. Teresa hosted a swap for these on the quilting.about.com forum a while back, and I got this far in putting together my blocks. (Are you sensing a theme? Yes, I get swap fever from time to time, and this is what happens. Thus, I really have curtailed my swapping. Honest.) The creamy-tan color is a Michael Miller Krystal fabric that turned out to be practically impossible to find at the time, but those of us who persevered were rewarded with these beautiful blocks!

This top is currently 64x64. I has thought at one time to add borders just on two sides, and maybe some applique in those borders. I saw something in a magazine I kind of liked, but I never could find quite the right applique pattern. And so it sits in this state.

I think now I'll pass on the applique, and maybe do a pieced border with scrappy batik squares floating on the tan. I could quilt it with continuous curves in the chain and some kind of simple flower thing in the diamonds and call it good. Hmmm... not a bad idea ;)

Thank you to everyone for the nice comments on my stash of unfinished projects. I've been wanting to catalog them for a while, so this makes a nice record, and gives me a chance to consider next steps.

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sophie said...

Thank you for the nice trunk show of works in progress, Amy. I haven't commented much, but I have thoroughly enjoyed.