Mini Booty Progress and Little Snowpeople (UFO Reveal #8)

Well, the Apple Core fever is out of my system... and you won't be seeing the results! I opted for a little different approach to my Mini Booty II quilt, and I'm happy with how it's going. In fact, the top is done. I hope my partner likes it! Here's a preview of just the fabrics:
Fabric Palette for Mini Booty II Quilt

And the UFO parade continues, this time with a definite winter flair! Must be the heat and humidity getting to me -- I'd love to get close to one of these little guys or gals right about now ;)

Cross-Stitched Snowmen

My mom cross stitched them, and they're really cute! She swapped me these for a finished top (OK, a top that she helped me finish, but it was still done!), and I designed a little 24x36 quilt for them in EQ:

snowpeople layout

I remember searching for -- and buying -- a light fabric to match the Aida cloth, and even looking through my stash for other fabrics. So why are these little blocks in the UFO box? I probably got distracted by something else. Story of my life. And potentially a problem with evaluating all these abandoned projects -- now I want to work on all of them again!

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