Bluebird of Happiness (UFO Reveal #9)

Bluebird of Happiness
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Well, this is the beginning of box #3... and it's an old photo. Since I'm unlikely to get a better one quickly, it'll have to do :)

Pattern is from Stack A New Deck, and it's basically a wonky, mixed up log cabin. I made it in response to a challenge to a group of forum members who went to the Vermont Quilt Festival. (Dorothy, Sophie, Marcia, Melissa and my mom come to mind... Actually, I think my mom made a log cabin, too.) Anyway: there were two challenge fabrics -- the blue in the block centers, and a red that has a tiny black pattern in it. There's also a skinny blue "flap" before the final red border, which has little bluebirds in it. Not sure of the size, but I think the log cabin blocks are somewhere between 6.5 and 7" each.

Why isn't this done? I ended up not being able to go to VQF the year it was due ;-) [I moved into my house instead.] Plus, it wants feathers quilted in the white muslin, and, well, then I'd have to do them!

Hopefully I'll be back to a more regular posting schedule soon (after all, this is #189, and I need to hit #200 a week from Saturday!) . I commuted into NYC two days this week for a conference, then had to go down the shore today for a work retreat.


Dorothy said...

Oh my. I, um, think I lost that fabric before it ever became anything. If I look at your picture close (with glasses and headlight on) perhaps I can see exactly what red and blue prints those are, and perhaps make something with them. Or, uh, not.

Oh, and about that house you moved into, betcha the bats are awake. Aren't you glad you're not there?

Debbie said...

Wow, I used to live in NJ and miss going down the shore. But 'shore' loving your reveals.