Weekend Roundup

Hmmm... what have I accomplished this weekend?
  • I took three naps (one each day -- remember I have half days on Fridays during the summer). I think this is from my thyroid being out of whack... I started the higher dose of meds on Saturday, so hopefully I'll see improvement within a few weeks.
  • I sewed my Mini Booty II top... I showed you the fabrics the other day, but I think I'm going to keep the top under wraps for a bit longer. I like it -- it's very cheerful.
  • I've been watching Mad Men, set in an ad agency in the 50s. It's all very smokey and drinkey and sexist -- probably at least partially like real life! I think I'm on episode six of the first season; I don't get AMC, but the series is available for free through On Demand, so I've had my own mini-marathon.
  • I started my August block for Kate's Birthday block swap on quilting.about.com. Miss August (aka Anne) asked for Mariner's Compass blocks in red, white and blue. Another first for me... although I always admire them, I've never really had the urge to sew one! Luckily, there is a lovely pattern in the Australian Quilters Companion magazine that Lorraine sent me with my ALQS quilt. Here's my progress:

    Mariner's Compass - Progress
And that's it. Not one for the record books by any means, but at least I have something to show for myself!


Colene said...

You mariner's compass block turned out great.

blackbearcabin said...

your mariners compass is awesome! i miss being in the bday swap this time around, but im joining lots of other swaps instead...so its a nice change.
by the way...theres nothing wrong with a few naps now and then...its summer after all :)