Another Guess

Kathie tried again: Budding Star in Lebanon?
  • Nope... not there, or any other quilt shop after Kindred Quilts. And I definitely didn't buy a quilt... (Two answers for the price of one!)
Keep thinking...

In the meantime, I'm fed up with whomever is stealing my wireless and blocking my access, so I just disabled the router. I hope he or she was in the middle of something important. It was a PITA to set the thing up to blessed thing to start with, and I somehow missed the step of password-protecting it. I don't know how to change it, so I suspect I'm going to have to start over. Joy. (Nonetheless, Lisa, thank you again for giving it to me! I'm just a little cranky at the moment.)

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Kathie said...

how about a farmers market? stand???
you were in the area for that! great fruit and veggies????