Mini Booty Sneak Peek

Clever, aren't I? I don't want the real colors to give it away!

It's not done yet, but I *am* working on it... I'm sure glad to have all that echo quilting done! Since I haven't been doing really any sewing or quilting since I messed up my back, I didn't trust myself to do this properly in free-motion. So yeah, I used the walking foot. Sue me. It's mostly even that way, and the piece is small enough to make it possible. Miles to go before this one's done, but at least it's progress!
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Anonymous said...

ooooo, me likey! I "puffy heart" tulips. Are you sure this isn't for your dear, dear sister???

Carrie! said...

Man..that is beautiful! I only WISH I could be so creative like that. That must be a serious time-suck, though!! Teach me?

Debi said...

Very pretty in black and what. I love the tulip. I am inviting you to participate in a Fall into Fall Quilters Blog giveaway that I am hosting. Come on over and check it out.