Where in the world... did I go today?!

Today was the last of our half-day summer Friday's, so I took advantage of the opportunity to go t0 the LQS and got some purple (!) fabric to make the backing of my black and bright quilt. Purple's not my thing (don't smack me, Colene!), but this quilt seemed to want it. Whatever -- it won't show the cat hair as much, so it's good ;) I just have to seam it together and that one's ready for the quilter.

Since I had to drive way out there, I decided to make a little detour on the way home (just 15 extra miles in total) to visit a store I've wanted to go to for the entire time I've lived in NJ. Just pulling into the parking lot made me smile, and I swear my blood pressure dropped when I walked in. (That is probably not a typical reaction -- if you went to a store like this one, you might not be quite so happy!) I've missed you, store. I spent twice as much there as I did at the LQS, and while the happiness will last, the purchases won't! I'd shop at this store all the time if it wasn't almost 30 miles away. So where did I go? That's the game!

We'll play kind of like Twenty Questions -- submit your question (or your guess) in the comments. Figure it out and you'll win something I bought there!

A couple of things: there are probably clues in my prior ramblings, if you're a regular reader. I don't think the actual name of the store appears anytime in the previous year, though. The store I visited is a large retailer, but doesn't have international locations. Non-US readers are invited to play along, though, and I just might accept a "close enough" answer if you get, well, really close! My family members are exempt, since I already told them all about it!

Finally, a clue: Here's the route I drove to the LQS. I drove approximately 15 miles out of my way on the way home to visit the secret location.

PS: I apparently have extended family members who still think I live in Upstate NY. I moved to New Jersey six months ago for a new job... I haven't been keeping all that a secret, have I?!


Colene said...

Its strange how I love purple, but rarely make purple quilts. I wouldn't smack you though, rest assured. LOL

Anonymous said...

Are you sure I can't play the game??? Is there a prize involved? Just remember, some relatives are well--some relatives. heehee!

Kathie said...

a craft store...
AC Moore or Michaels?????
and of course we want to hear what you bought at the quilt store????


Dorothy said...

20 questions... #1 was your detour north of your planned route?

Dorothy said...

Or maybe mine was question 5 - #1 - can't steakprincess play? #2 Is there a prize? #3 Was it AC Moore? #4 Michaels?

C'mon people, we're wasting questions! ;o)

Dorothy said...

Was the 15 mile round trip out beyond (west of) the Clinton end of your trip?