October Birthday Block - in progress

In progress - Diane's block
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Some work on Diane's birthday block for October. She picked a crazy quilt BOM from victorianaquiltdesigns.com. I guess I'd say it's a calendar theme -- we were each assigned a month and need to make a block that reflects events, holidays, seasons, whatever for that month. Can you guess my assigned month just from this much work?

My mom sent me a package with some scraps of trims -- laces, ribbons and rick rack -- to use for my block. She's making a cotton crazy quilt, so she has a big black box of goodies like that. (Lucky me -- saved me money and shopping! Thanks, mom!)

I've got two seams to "cover" with hand embroidery, some buttons to sew on, and I have to put something in that plain red fabric on the right. I also could take it off and use something more interesting since it's the last seam of the block. I dunno. Less of it will show in the final product anyway, since the white basting thread marks the 1/4" seam allowance, and there's another 1/2" of extra past that at the moment so I don't wreck the block completely by handling it. I hope!

Of course, I didn't see the little dark thread on top of the block until after I uploaded the photo... Ah well. I'm hoping to get this done this weekend, since it's actually a WORK-FREE WEEKEND. Yippee!

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