Nine Holes in 15 Minutes

Nope, not the world's fastest trip through half a golf course, but my doctor's appointment this morning! I had to see the allergist, since he changed all my allergy and asthma meds two months ago. We're reasonably happy with my progress, so will stay the course for another four months and re-check before the joys of spring set in! I was diagnosed asthmatic 28 years ago, so this is all rather routine at this point. (Wow, did that make me sound OLD!)

Anyway... you're wondering about the holes, I'm sure ;) Doc insisted on an allergy skin test, which is much different than it was 28 years ago. There are eight prick sites on the inside of my right forearm, and, although they were extremely itchy, it was kind of fun (in a sick way) to watch how quickly they swelled up! As expected, I reacted strongly and quickly all eight of the allergens. Doc suggested I live in a bubble :) I'm all for it, as long as someone else will clean it... Any interest? The pay sucks, but I am mildly entertaining...

Then it was flu shot time... that went in my left arm, in the usual location. It doesn't hurt at the moment, but I always have a local reaction to it, so I expect I'll have soreness in that area for a few days. If I could ice the injection site, I wouldn't have the soreness, but I'm told that negatively affects the efficacy of the shot, so... we'll see. I really need to work on my birthday blocks for November this weekend, and another secret project... We'll see what happens!

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Vicki W said...

Hi Amy, I am sorry to hear about your allergies. I have very severe allergies too and it sucks. The shots that I took 20 years ago made me hypersensitive. I have to treat mine now with medication and vitamin/herb remedies. I can't recommend enough this book:

I'm not affiliated but when I went on the program I was able to cut my daily benedryl intake from 16 to 8 in a few weeks. I've been on the program for about 12 years and every time I go off of it I wind up on steroids. You may have been down all of these paths already but I just thought I'd share my experience - I'm not affiliated with the book in any way.