Friday Flashback... on Thursday

I thought I'd borrow a page from Dorothy and do a "Friday Flashback," although it's only Thursday. You'll get over it :)

I snapped this not-so-great pic the other day when I went out for lunch... near the office, there are a bunch of ginko trees, and they were dropping their leaves. I immediately thought of eighth grade science class, where we were required to do a leaf collection. Pretty much everyone thought it was a waste of time -- especially our parents, who had to ferry us around trying to find enough different leaves to earn a respectable grade. Of course everyone could get the "usual" leaves and needles, like oak, pine and maple, but western Michigan wasn't exactly a overflowing with a wide variety of trees from which we could pluck samples.

But there *were* two ginko trees, outside the main entrance of a factory (I think) on a busy road in the next town. So my mom took me one afternoon, and I think I ended up running up the rather long sidewalk while she waited in the car, blocking a lane of traffic. Today, I wonder why I didn't collect a bunch of them, then sell them to my classmates :)

I think the trees are gone now... if memory serves, that location is now a Rite Aid. (Which of course, is directly across the street from Walgreens!)

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