Did you know that I'm a quilter?

There's been so little quilt content lately, I thought you might have forgotten! (I almost did...)

So, without further ado, here are my (very, very late) New York Beauty blocks for Miss November:

Margaret asked for 8" blocks in orange, red and purple. My sister picked out the main fabrics (the purple, the sort of spotted orangey one, and the red/orange print) when she was here in June. I added an orange commercial handdye, a red one, and the reds used in the quarter circles.

The top block is Rick Rack Beauty 2 from EQ6, and the bottom block is a modification of New York Compass, again from EQ6. Yeah, the top one has a bit of an issue. You should have seen it before I took it apart!

I doubt I'll get Miss December's block done on time, but I shouldn't be so far behind for her, I hope. Especially since Miss January will take a bit of a think! At least it's forward progress :)

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Margaret aka Supermom said...

They're really nice, Amy. I look forward to getting them. If possible, too, can you include a 4"x4" piece of fabrics you used in the blocks? I am planning a flying geese border to "tie" all the blocks together.


black bear cabin said...

i am totally intimidated by the NYB blocks...but really want to try it! i saw Kates on her blog, and hers look great too...any tips for someone whos never tried it before? :)
Love it, by the way :)