Funny things seen on TV last week

I have other, maybe more (maybe less!) interesting things to share from my holidays at home, but I have to share these before the moment is too far gone. I should note that my folks do not have cable, so these were all seen on CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox affiliates. Also, the second and third are totally tasteless. You've been warned.
  1. Tuesday night, while the seemingly endless lists of event cancellations were running on TV (it's important to remember that Tuesday was December 23): Tonight's Christmas Eve service is canceled. Tomorrow's service is still scheduled. Um, Isn't there only ONE Christmas Eve?
  2. Saturday night, while up *way* too late waiting for the courier with my suitcase: a commercial for "Love Rub." Think of those KY commercials, but with a much lower production value -- and way less taste. The tagline makes me laugh every time I think of it: "It's more than a lube, it's love in a tube." I never thought I'd compare two commercials and have that KY one come out (ahem) on top.
  3. And the final bit of pure tasteless-ness, which was seen several times over the week, was a commercial for The System (a phone-based dating service, I guess): The girl picks out three guys to meet/learn more about/whatever, and chooses one. The narrator says something like "... and you can return the rest, used or unused." EEEeeeewwww. We're talking about people here.
Yup. I lead a fascinating life, folks :)

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black bear cabin said...

we dont have television up here...well, we have a TV and we watch movies, but we dont get any channels up here (we never watch it, so we dont bother with cable). anyways, whenever i visit family i am always entertained by the cheese that is on television! you can sum up who watches what at what time by the commercials...apparently all the sad, lonely, sexless folks are watching late at night. (hey, but wait a minute...i was one of those folks or i wouldnt have figured that out....doh!) :)