Home Again...

What a week! Last Friday was NOT the best travel day ever. My flight to O'Hare was delayed because they were adding mail and cargo to our plane; by the time that was done, O'Hare had a ground stop. We finally get there, only to have the airport all but close. I so love sitting on the floor in the United E terminal... I did a lot of knitting, and waiting. All in all, I was in O'Hare for 5 or 6 hours -- I heard many stories much worse than mine, so I just practiced being patient. (That's not my best feature, so it did take some effort!) They had to fuel the plane for an alternate destination due to the fabulous weather, so there was another wait while they got everything to the right weight. Only about half the checked luggage made it on the plane -- of course, mine was left behind!

The automated lost baggage system said my suitcase would be delivered between 12:30 and 4p on Saturday. At 8:45p, I still had no bag. My mom loaned me everything I could need except for pants -- her longest pair didn't even come to my ankles! We made a quick run to the mall where I tried on four pair (and bought two) and a pair of shoes (not needed, but oh-so-cute!). To make a long story short (several calls back and forth with the courier and a LOT of bad overnight TV), I think the bag arrived around 4:45a. He didn't even knock on the door or anything -- just dropped the suitcase and left. Ah well -- at least I got to wear my own clothes on Sunday when we had our family Christmas ;)

Today, of course, all flights went on time or close to it, and my suitcase arrived at the airport at the same time I did. I'm not complaining, though! (Well, only about the teenage girl in my row on the Newark flight who snored like a sailor the entire 2 hours...)

More later -- I'm tired!

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black bear cabin said...

sounds like quite an adventure, though i must say, at least something like this happened when you were staying with family, instead of being in a vacation paradise with no shops close by :)
i look forward to hearing more about the trip soon!
p.s. love your background :) hehehehe