Wondering... and sneezing!

First, the verdict: Sinus infection, please take these antibiotics and don't wait so long next time before you come in. Lungs are clear -- just chest congestion (whew!).

Now, I'm wondering:
  • Why this PA told me I should have come in sooner, when my primary doc told me last time to wait longer? (I think I held out one more day this go-around!)
  • Why I've been sick for Christmas/New Year's WAY more times than not? Seriously -- last year, I was in the doc's office last year on Jan. 3 with a sinus infection. I spent more Christmases with ear infections and bronchitis... mom accused me tonight of being sick *every* year for Christmas, but conceded there were a (very) few healthy ones in between figuring out I was allergic to real fir trees and me deciding I could be sick anyway ;)
  • Why I even bother with the antibiotics? I can't take anything good (aka fast-acting), so I'll feel somewhat crummy for a few days yet. (I remember in college, the girl across the hall and I had the same thing, and went on antibiotics the same day. She felt way better in 24 hours, and I was still sleeping and dragging.)
  • Why pills have to be so darn big anyway? These suckers are monsters.
  • Why I always feel bad when medical professionals have to look in my nose? I remember my first or second allergist had an intern look at it, because it was going to be the best one she'd see all week... but with a sinus infection, it's sure to be nasty. (And it was -- the PA was a little surprised!) But it's her job... and it's not like I can control it being swollen and yucky. If I could, I'd fix it myself. I crossed the TMI line here, didn't I? I'm tired, and I think my internal censor went to bed early. Smart chick.
Hope *you're* healthy -- or easily fixed!


paula, the quilter said...

Once I got rid of all the 'fresh' greenery during the holidays I started to feel a lot better. No sinus infections. I think that I was extremely allergic to the mold that grows on greens and trees and the mold seems to get a lot worse when they are brought indoors. Just my 2cents worth.

katelnorth said...

actually, it wasn't TMI for me - made me laugh!