It's weird -- this almost never happens.

The antibiotics are actually working!

I felt worse yesterday than I did on Tuesday, but I feel considerably better today. Good thing, since tomorrow is a 14-hour work day, no getting around it. I think taking these two days to rest really helped, too -- I called in sick Wednesday, and my boss called me later in the day to tell me to take today off too. (Yes, it's a holiday, but we had a concert today, and I was scheduled to be in the office this morning and at the concert this afternoon.) Instead, I sat on my bum all day. Didn't get anything productive done, but I can breathe through my nose from time to time, so I'm going to count that as an accomplishment ;)


Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling a little better.

black bear cabin said...

sending you the healthy vibe....hope you get well soon!