I think my life is boring. I don't have much of anything to say :) Judy asked today how that could be possible -- and I don't really have an answer.
  1. I'm working on my (very late) birthday block for Miss December... but there's a lot of precision rotary cutting at this point, and I need to do that during daylight hours. (*See #3 for why.) Pictures when it's done, I promise!
  2. I'm swatching for a new knitting project. Not very interesting at this point -- a +/- 6" square of navy blue stockinette... now I have to figure out how to count/measure what I've knit!
  3. I'm anxious to go back to the eye doctor on Monday. Oh, maybe I didn't tell you this...I have some kind of irritation or inflammation or something on the insides of my eyelids. (I had this once before, about 15 months ago.) It makes wearing contacts utterly impossible -- there's a reason contact lenses are so thin! With lumps and bumps in there, too, well, it hurts. Luckily, I recognized it quickly this time, and made an ophthalmology appointment right away. Treatment is basically steroid eyedrops until it goes away. (And yes, once you get this condition, whatever it's called, you get it with some regularity, so it's going to be part of my life now. Yuk.) Anyway: my glasses are scratched and I have a real problem with glare from lights and my glasses and stuff... careful rotary cutting in less-than-ideal lighting would surely lead to unfortunate consequences!
And now, I'm sure you'll want to run over and thank Judy for prompting me to share these fascinating tidbits with you. ::snarfle::


black bear cabin said...

well, that sucks about the irritating eyelids! i never could adjust to contact lenses...my eyes always felt too dry :(
hopefully they can prescribe a cream or solution that can clear that up...in the meantime, quilt slowly :)

katelnorth said...

Gosh, yes, thanks Judy. Not sure how I made it this far through January without that info, so it's great she prompted you to share... :)

Honestly, though, what a pain in the...eyelid. I hate these things you get once then they keep coming back - I get recurring dermatitis in my fingers ever since having two kids in nappies at the same time and washing my hands constantly - even with gentle soap, that's a bit much. It's better than it used to be, but it's maddening. At least it's not in my eyelids (though I do get conjunctivitis a lot in hayfever season, speaking of eyes). And there you go - way TMI. LOL