OK, my brain is going to explode. I've been looking a images (stock photography and illustrations) for about a week now, for a work-related project. Yes, it's fun, but it's also strangely exhausting. Choosing the perfect keywords to capture an idea can be a challenge, and sometimes I can almost see what I want to find, but it's just not out there in a way I can find it.

So, I need help. One of the concepts is "OBSESSION." Without being a Calvin Klein ad, what kinds of images say "obsession" to you? I'm not necessarily looking for the answer to "what are you obsessed with" (I love fiber, for example, but my target audience is probably reasonably less obsessed with that than I am!). It's more the abstract concept of being or becoming obsessed with something or someone, especially if it's unattainable. Am I making *any* sense at all? Photos, illustrations, art -- just has to be in the public domain or stock imagery (unless you own the copyright and are willing to license it for literally peanuts!) -- give me some ideas and/or some links!

Thank you!

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Dorothy said...

Would it be captioned (to explain why the picture represents the concept)? If you see an image of a large guy with a table fullof pies it could be competition or gluttony but the caption ads the A-ha that make the picture represent the concept. Does that make ANY sense?!