A scarf and a quilt block

This is my Just Enough Ruffles scarf, which I made in the last week or so. It's Sheep Shop 1 yarn, in a watermelon shade. It's knit sideways, with 200 stitches cast on, then a triple increase (!) giving one 600 stitches to bind off at the end. That said, it *is* just enough ruffles... it needs blocking, then who knows what will happen after that :)

And here's my late block for Helen, Miss January. She asked for real African fabrics and applique. Luckily, we met a lovely vendor of African fabrics (and baskets) at the Harrisburg show, so I had these two to play with, as well as another that I ended up not using. This is an African drum; it's not as fancy as the work some of the other girls have done, but I think it looks OK. The beading took forever -- I had to use a small needle, as it was the only one without a bulgy eye, and my hands do not like those little needles at all!

Anyway: I'm caught up on my deadlines again. Whew. (Yes, I know I'm late with January, but I promised Helen I'd mail this block today -- not realizing it was a holiday at the time -- so I *do* feel good about finishing it yesterday.

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black bear cabin said...

your djembe looks great...well done!