I guess it's fall...

I bit the bullet today and took the window air conditioning units out. Even though I was using the one in my bedroom last week when it was 90*, it was time -- after all, it's getting cooler and it won't be too long before it snows.

Putting these beasts in was a trial -- a comedy of errors combined with a drama of physical pain. A little more complicated than I had thought. Oh well -- it was worth it!

Taking them out should be easy, right? Unscrew the little accordion pleated things, remove the window stop, unscrew the sill bracket, push up the window a smidge and yank the sucker inside, right? Yeah, I wish. I couldn't get the window sash to move at all on the first one. I hammered, I pried, I pushed, I pulled, I swore, I even called my dad.

I finally got the unit out without moving the sash... and STILL couldn't close the window. I grabbed the storm and popped it in, so at least George couldn't fall out, and ended up on the step stool with a hammer and a block, really whacking down on the sash until it finally moved. I'm sure THAT was good for these 80-year old windows. Nonetheless, it had to be done!

The second one came out more easily (the window didn't stick), but I caught my finger between the AC and the storm frame, and ripped off about a half pound of flesh. Yuk.

But I survived -- again -- and now I know I can do this myself. Think how much easier it will be next year!


sophie said...

Yikes! I HOPE it will be easier next time.

Tammy said...

Your new name:



blackbearcabin said...

sounds like a royal pain...but at least its done! youll be happy when that first snow and frost comes! Its already dropping to the 30's at night here...i have some winterizing of my own to do :)
p.s. hope your lost pound of flesh doesnt hinder your sewing! :)