Not so much with the getting it...

(aka Beginner's Luck?)

OK, I figured out that when I added stitches to the first mitt, I think they're on the wrist end, rather than the finger end. Not a huge problem, since that means if I followed the directions, it should fit fairly well and not have the long cuff.

But, I've cast on twice now for the second mitt, gotten to the same point and become completely directionally impaired. I either futzed something last time without knowing it (and it worked), or I'm unable to count past, say, one. Somehow, the thumb just isn't working. I thought I had it turned around -- counting from the wrong end -- but when I tried to do it again, I had the same problem. Either it WASN'T turned around, or I keep making the same mistake...

Maybe if I actually followed the directions?

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