Two things...

1) My ALQS has the binding machined on... I decided to suck it up and hand stitch the binding to the back. As I'm writing this, I realize this was the PERFECT opportunity to try the all-machine finished piped binding that I really want to learn (and master!). Sure with I'd had that thought at 3p today instead... At least it's less than 80" of stitching. You know how I feel about hand work!

2) When I moved here from Rochester, I left an area with lots of great quilt shops with beautiful stock, fun people and classes, and even good thread. (I miss Ivy Thimble!) I also lived about 5 minutes from JoAnn Fabrics, handy for those days when (ahem) I might need pink thread in a hurry! These resources are few and far between here in Jersey... at least so far. While procrastinating tonight, I found a quilt shop about a half hour away -- they have a decent online store, so I'm guessing their bricks and mortar will be at least somewhat more satisfying than my thread expedition from the other day! Fingers crossed... (Not that I really *need* anything -- I just don't like not knowing it's there.)

Wait -- three things! Food Network is running some ancient episodes of Iron Chef America tonight -- it's fun to see the early days where the production was a little less slick. I almost never see anything I want to eat on this show, but I love the action -- like Bobby Flay fishing live trout out of the tank on what looks like the first episode.


Kathie said...

You could also try Budding Star Quilt shop in Lebanon as well as Pennington Quilt shop on Rte 31. They are all about 1/2 hr from each other.Budding Star
http://www.buddingstarquilts.com/ is first coming from newark then KQ then go down to Pennington

hope that helps!
There is also
Aardvark in Morris Plains
Acme in Pompton Plains
Cozy corner in New Milford
they are in a different direction in Morris and Bergen counties and can be done in a different day!

sophie said...

I fear I may be one of the 11th hour finishers of the ALQS. I'm envious of your nearly finished quilt. Great work!