This is probably TMI -- I really won't be offended if you skip it!

So I went to have my lab work done today... easy-peasy, just draw three tubes of blood. Luckily, I'm not needle-phobic, nor do I faint at the sight of blood. Neither the doctor nor the nurse told me they wanted a urine specimen, too. I always want to do fasting labs in the morning (since I definitely need breakfast in order to function), so I'd been up for about 90 minutes at this point. Who's got a full bladder after only 90 minutes time and no input, other than the swallow of water I had with my morning meds? So I give them what I've got, carry it back through the waiting room to the lab, where the tech frowns at me and my sample, because it's not really "enough." Well, if you wanted more, you'd have given me the cup last week so I could do it at home this morning. Wouldn't that have been better for everyone? I'm just saying...

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