My to-DONE list

... is rather short this weekend!
  • I stitched all but eight of my Fresh Squeezed blocks. 41 blocks - 8 unsewn - 1 test block = 32 blocks done. Technically, I sewed four of them last weekend, but that's still 28 new ones done. I wanted to finish them today, but I had a headache, so I took a little nap instead trying to kill it before work.
  • Read a book (The Watchman by Robert Crais).
  • Tested the template (!) for my Miniature Booty II quilt.
  • Covered two events for work (Thursday night and tonight).
  • Packaged my Stamp Basket blocks to send to one of June's Lotto winners.
  • Cooked dinner once. (Hey, this is an accomplishment for me!)
  • Saw my new doctor, and I think I like her. Lab work tomorrow (fasting - sigh), but I got all my meds, no problems.
  • Made a vet appointment for George for Monday afternoon. Oy... He was more social this weekend -- wanted to be in the same room with me -- but he's still not his usual self.
My camera is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Look forward to pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow you did a lot! My list went like this: sit around with no power, sit around with no power, sit around with no power. heehee!